Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]

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Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records
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Legaliz3IT Huma
Legaliz3IT Huma - Годину таму
She looks like Megan Fox 👌
lil Stinny
lil Stinny - Годину таму
Eminem made him switch genres..
This style is better.
lowest fence
lowest fence - Годину таму
dude get a life...eminem cant make mgk ..he wasnt the one who taught him how to make music especially that
Jannie Van der merwe
Jannie Van der merwe - Годину таму
Very nostalgic
Daimon Kill
Daimon Kill - Годину таму
Cool clip, Russia with you.
Vixxen 0098
Vixxen 0098 - Годину таму
AnythingRyan - Годину таму
Yeah,this is your true style mgk!!!!!! KEEP IT LIKE THIS FOREVAA 🤘🤘🤘
James - 2 години таму
this song hurts my ears but i don't watch this for the music...
nikki schramm
nikki schramm - 2 години таму
plants vs zombies
Lindsey Rivers
Lindsey Rivers - 2 години таму
logan paul
Damian Morgan
Damian Morgan - 2 години таму
I really hope he releases the other versions of this song he put on IG live . Version 2 was absolutely and far better than this even tho I love my pop punk the slower version was just peaceful
Colton G
Colton G - 2 години таму
Am I crazy or did he go crazy 🤷‍♂️
Valerie Anne
Valerie Anne - 2 години таму
Absolutely bad ass video! Nothing but the best from my man Kells! 💔💔😍
bleumymind - 2 години таму
Is this not something we would have seen in the 2000s? wtf I feel lost rn 😅
Midnightt Wolf
Midnightt Wolf - 3 години таму
This is what happens when Eminem murders you.
lowest fence
lowest fence - 2 години таму
this is what happens when one has talent
Ross Vincent
Ross Vincent - 3 години таму
Whenever I see this guy I just think Tommy Lee.... oh and Megan’s still a total Fox... ❤️
Domski - 3 години таму
This video got uploaded on the wrong year LMAO
Vera Radojević
Vera Radojević - 3 години таму
This is what you became after KillShot.
lowest fence
lowest fence - 2 години таму
dude this is a musician and artist ...not just a rapper he multiplys
Annoobi - 3 години таму
Blink 182 much.
Gunef Bachkhaz
Gunef Bachkhaz - 3 години таму
Machine Gun Kelly has a beautiful voice
choose life
choose life - 3 години таму
She don't love the way you lie
savii 59
savii 59 - 3 години таму
Marshal put your ass where you belong kid 🧒🏼
Holly Bodaki
Holly Bodaki - 3 години таму
Megan Fox?
Алексей Ренде
Алексей Ренде - 3 години таму
Albert Sabotic
Albert Sabotic - 3 години таму
So Eminem ruined his rap carrier so now he does this?
Joann OHALLORAN - 3 години таму
Great to see Megan Fox, she needs a comeback. Great song and video.
Athole Thorie
Athole Thorie - 4 години таму
Am I the only one who thinks they would make such a great couple?
Gabriela Myśliwy
Gabriela Myśliwy - 4 години таму
Beautiful voice
melina lezlgkidoy
melina lezlgkidoy - 4 години таму
Im in great bisexual stress
feet300 - 5 годин таму
Is it me, or does MGK look like a grown up Draco Malfoy?
samantha froome
samantha froome - 5 годин таму
Why did I just fall in love with MGK
PrEnS DESİBEL - 5 годин таму
N G - 5 годин таму
I prefer Kelly as a singer rather than rapper
aurora dement
aurora dement - 5 годин таму
amazing clickbait
Jacob Graves
Jacob Graves - 5 годин таму
Don’t even really love this song but the dude is just proving he can and will survive post Eminem drama. The dude is a hitmaker, nothing is going to change that .
Jeanette Samano
Jeanette Samano - 5 годин таму
I was surprised to see Megan fox !!
Shay - 5 годин таму
I Thought he was some rapper before 😂😂
Da funny kid
Da funny kid - 5 годин таму
Who else is vibing with this song? 🔥 🤘🏼
Scott Staggs
Scott Staggs - 5 годин таму
Megan Fox was born three blocks from my house...just sayin
esok one
esok one - 6 годин таму
How mich 2000's Music do you want?

MGK: yes
Rachel Masters
Rachel Masters - 6 годин таму
Cristina Bahamondes
Cristina Bahamondes - 6 годин таму
Este es él mismo tipo que en micro segundo paso por su cabeza que era mejor que eminem????? 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂
ASMR POP - 6 годин таму
I love this song but he's really not a good singer. Can we get someone else to sing it so it can be awesome???
Xskills KillsX
Xskills KillsX - 5 годин таму
How can you say you love the song but he is not a good singer
David Molina
David Molina - 6 годин таму
Im glad that they're bringing back the 2000s Rock/Punk/Punk Rock/Pop Punk Vibes!!
Suici 666
Suici 666 - 6 годин таму
Machine work so hard and this is another great song he had ever did❤️❤️
Aaditya Muralidharan
Aaditya Muralidharan - 6 годин таму
She was my first celebrity crush. She still looks good.
MACKN SAW - 6 годин таму
I want MGK AND POSTY to do a song
TheSphinx - 6 годин таму
Now I realized what MGK was trying to do...he wanted to become famous as a rapper back when rap was popular and punk rock was losing popularity so that he could punk rock back to life!!!
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
5000 Subscribers before 15 July - 6 годин таму
this man literally had Megan fox torture him. Amen.
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
5000 Subscribers before 15 July - 6 годин таму
I don’t get why people are dissing him for moving to this genre, like it’s not a bad thing, ever heard of evolution or do you just listen to nothing but hip hop?
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
5000 Subscribers before 15 July - 6 годин таму
I swear Megan fox has been hot forever
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
5000 Subscribers before 15 July - 6 годин таму
Megan fox ran so Madison beer could walk
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
5000 Subscribers before 15 July - 6 годин таму
Everyone’s surprised that Megan is still hot... she’s not even that old! 30s isn’t old 🙄
Mohit Bhatt
Mohit Bhatt - 2 години таму
Yeah camera and makeup does that!
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
5000 Subscribers before 15 July - 6 годин таму
The first scene is giving me Jennifer's Body vibes...
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
5000 Subscribers before 15 July - 6 годин таму
This song sounds like it should be played at the end of a teen movie when guy finally gets the girls
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Manuel Galaviz
Manuel Galaviz - 7 годин таму
Bahrain Retard Guy
Bahrain Retard Guy - 7 годин таму
looks like he moved on from Eminem's daughter
2080 Jinni
2080 Jinni - 7 годин таму
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz - 7 годин таму
DKTheDarkKnight - 7 годин таму
Is this the guy that tried to fuck with Eminem 🤣🤣.
Peter Cowie
Peter Cowie - 7 годин таму
This might be an early contender for punk song of the year
The Killing Joke
The Killing Joke - 7 годин таму
When did MGK go college rock?
The Reaper
The Reaper - 7 годин таму
I thought it was going to be Megan Fox in a My Bloody Valentine music movie.
Rebel Zombae
Rebel Zombae - 7 годин таму
Megan fox is and still one of the hottest bitches on the World 🥰🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜
Fadillah Tuah
Fadillah Tuah - 7 годин таму
im here because of Megan
MuricaMottoRider - 7 годин таму
Much love!!!
Kendra snow
Kendra snow - 7 годин таму
i want that leather jacket
MuricaMottoRider - 7 годин таму
Yeah yeah!!! Def. going jen’s body on MGK🙌🏻
HYPRA Clothing CO
HYPRA Clothing CO - 7 годин таму
this is freaking awesome
Shaheera Khan
Shaheera Khan - 7 годин таму
Don’t care about his feud with Eminem. This song is great. Video is awesome. That’s all that’s needed 🤷🏻‍♀️
Milo Bob
Milo Bob - 7 годин таму
Tiffany Mayer
Tiffany Mayer - 8 годин таму
i miss her old face, surgery has ruined her face
Zambie Lui
Zambie Lui - 8 годин таму
This "woman" has three kids, lied about her relationship with MGK to her husband/baby daddy of 10 years while he's at home taking care of THEIR 6,7 and 3 year old. This is a clear definition of a #HollywoodWhore and a poor example of #MotherofTheYear that people are sadly accepting. Though I do give MGK props for outing these nonloyal hoes and dumping their asses later like Halsey. 😈Keep it up but wrap it up Bowser. You don't wanna end up like Charlie Sheen. 🤣
2113bored - 8 годин таму
Wtf? I thought this was some fall out boy shit 😂😂😂. Isn't he supposed to be some wanna be thug rapper??? Wtf is going on lol
Steven Weiler
Steven Weiler - 8 годин таму
I liked her at first but not anymore apparently she's having a fling with this guy and couldn't stand by Brian at all in his condition what sort of person does this
ultimate panda
ultimate panda - 8 годин таму
She is so hot
invoidmegoid b
invoidmegoid b - 8 годин таму
The fact that I know they fucking...hurts my soul...
Anubis - 8 годин таму
Song is trash and so is mgk. Eminem killed that rap career so now he’s out here sucking at rock and having to pay Megan fox to get in a bed with him
Christopher Pinto
Christopher Pinto - 8 годин таму
Good song, but I love Megan Fox and it's the real reason I like the video.
Javier Herrera
Javier Herrera - 9 годин таму
Green day and Ives good job MGK
Eminem Music
Eminem Music - 9 годин таму
SANTANDER FC - 7 годин таму
Didn’t killed Rap Devil 🤣